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AKS: SharePoint Search Operators


Add the ability to use SharePoint Search operators in the AKS free text search box. 


Added the ability for AKS to process the SharePoint Search operators when used in the free text search box



  1. No search fields must be configured at all on the AKSContent list for the database in question.
  2. Operators cannot be used on fields if those fields are configured as a filter, search, or range fields.
  3. The crawled property must be created automatically for these fields by SharePoint and not programmatically by AKS.
  4. If the field types are multiple-choice, multiple lookups, numbers, or currency, then a manually created searchable text-managed property must be mapped to the crawled property.
  5. For multiple-choice and multiple lookup types, the “Allow multiple values” setting must be set on the text-managed property.
  6. Supported field types are Single Line of Text, Multiple Lines of Text, Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Single Lookup, Multiple Lookup, Number, and Currency.
  7. The operators supported are AND, NOT, and OR.



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