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Qorus Breeze Proposals v2.4.5 Release 28


Breeze version 2.4.5 Release 28 includes the following changes: 

  • Log Office Version from the Breeze Panel

Resolve Suggestions for Q&A Pairs on Single Org Tenants

  • Resolve an Issue with the Project Tabs in Project Point


Log Office Version from Breeze Panel 


Log the Office version to the reporting database to assist the Qorus Support team with issue diagnostics 


Log the version of PowerPoint, Word, and Excel to the reporting database when the user logs into the Breeze Panel of those Office applications respectively.


Resolve Suggestions for Q&A Pairs on Single Org Tenants 


Users need to be able to set suggestions to be of Question and Answer type if their tenant only had one org or if they only had permissions to one org. 


Question and Answer option is available when creating a suggestion on a tenant with one org or if the user has permission to only one org. 


In the case where no libraries have been configured as Question and Answer libraries across the tenant, the Question and Answer option will still not be available.


Resolve an Issue with the Project Tabs in Project Point 


If a standard project tab is configured with no permissions on the SharePoint backend, then the Project Point information page failed to load correctly. 


Load the project page information page correctly even when any of the standard project tabs have been configured with no permissions or it was deleted.




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