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Audience targeting of the ‘Delete Project’ command


The new version of Breeze enables audience targeting of the ‘Delete Project’ command. Administrators can control which users can see the ‘Delete Project’ command while working in a project workspace. 

The audience targeting of the ‘Delete Project’ command does not override or affect any rules of the standard Breeze permissions model. Users who have permissions to delete projects will still have those permissions but the ‘Delete Project’ command will be hidden. 

The feature only applies to the ‘Delete Project’ command and does not impact the ‘delete’ commands of other project components like project documents, carts, tasks, etc. 

Mary is a Bid Manager of the Contoso org. Based on Mary’s user rights, when she accesses the project workspace, she can view and click on the ‘Delete Project’ command to delete the project. 


Once the Breeze Administrator configured audience targeting for the ‘Delete Project’ command Mary is no longer able to view the ‘Delete Project’ command while working in the project workspace.


For Mary to view the ‘Delete Project’ command, the Breeze Administrator must add Mary’s user account into a user group. 

In this example, the org name of the site is Contoso, so the Breeze Administrator needs to add Mary’s account to the ‘Contoso - Project Delete Rights’ group. 

Once Mary’s account has been added to the relevant group, she will be able to view the ‘Delete Project’ command. 

Adding or removing user accounts from groups can be done either from the Breeze User Management feature or from the SharePoint backend.

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