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Template not found - Hidden Data that needs to be removed

When you receive the below error, it could mean that the content uploaded has hidden data that needs to be removed.


Remove Unnecessary, Hidden Clutter from Your Content

Your MS Office documents may contain hidden data that you’re unaware of. Specifically, if your content has come from other Document Management Systems, it may contain personal information in the metadata that you don’t necessarily want to distribute. There also may be other hidden content such as cropped portions of images, invisible objects, presentation notes, tracked changes, macros, etc. Not only do some of these things pose a potential security risk, but they also enlarge the document. Because the size of your document on QBP greatly influences the user experience, we recommend that you remove all this clutter from your content prior to uploading it into QBP.

NOTE: QBP injects some metadata into your content on upload, so you may only use this method before your content is in QBP, as doing it afterward will remove all the important QBP metadata, necessary for QBP to work, in addition to everything else.

If the document only exists in QBP, you will need to download a copy and delete the copy that exist in QBP. If you have a local copy, you will just need to delete the one created on QBP

To remove this clutter, do the following:

1. Open up your old file in the relevant MS Office application.
2. Access the File tab and click on the “Check for Issues” button. Then click on the “Inspect Document” button.


3. A window will pop up with a list of items to check. All the options should be ticked. You may leave them all ticked. Click on the “Inspect” button.


4. The inspection will take a couple of seconds to run. You will get an exclamation mark next to all the items where hidden information was found.


5. Here is a link to what each of the items above represents. You’ll want to understand what removing them is going to affect. Remove all that you can by clicking on the “Remove All” button next to each item. [We advise that you always remove all of the Custom XML Data found. The rest can be done at your discretion.]


6. Save the document.

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