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Breeze Product Improvements

The following bug fixes are included in the release:


Function / Area



Lite Bid Workspace Access

Lite Bid users can only access projects from the ‘My Documents’ tab. The ‘My Projects’ tab is not visible even if the Lite Workspace Access feature is enabled.

The ‘My Projects’ tab will always be visible for Lite Bid users


Lite Bid Workspace Access

Documents listed in the ‘My Documents’ tab contains a link to projects of which the Lite Bid Workspace Access feature is not enabled.

Remove Project Link for Lite Users Under My Documents tiles for projects which are not Lite user workspace enabled.


Lite Bid Workspace Access

The project information bar contains a Lite Workspace Access indicator. The icon is misaligned – there is a space between the icon and the Project Actions menu.

Rectify UI layout.


My Projects

The ‘My Projects’ tab lists projects which Lite Bid users have access to as well as projects which the Lite Bid user do not have access to. Even though the users are prevented from accessing these projects, they should not be visible.

Only projects of which a Lite Bid user has access to will be listed in the ‘My Projects’ tab.              




An error message prompts when the user clicks on “More Information” from Knowledge source & Supporting Documents

Remove unwanted/incorrect error prompt.


Document Finalization - Projects Task tab

The tasks of allocations which have been finalized (per document finalization) listed in the ‘Tasks’ tab must show a ‘Previous status’ value. This value is not visible for all task types but needs to be.

Issue resolved. The ‘Previous Status’ will be visible on the task item tile for all task types.


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