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Breeze Project Form Conditional Properties


The Breeze Form Manager feature enables Site Administrators to set up a series of rules to manage the default data and visibility of specific Project properties.  

The Breeze Form Manager feature can be enabled on a Breeze Project form and configured with rules to automatically hide or show a series of other project properties on the same form based on data selections in specific controls.  Once activated the feature is available on all project types and is not project type specific. 

The feature configuration is based on a source field control that determines the behavior of target field controls. This means, a user can set one or more rules against a single source control on the project form and this will enable multiple actions to happen when a single target field control on the same project form is changed. 

Form Manager Components 

The purpose of the form manager is to control the behavior of project form field controls and data within fields on the form based on one or more rules.  

 The form manager therefore includes the following facets; 

  1. Trigger – the user identifies the form manager rule trigger. The trigger can be a field on a Breeze Project or it can be the New Project 
    Form load event. Field as trigger means one field that exists on the project form will be evaluated when data is changed and based on the change (new value), the configured logic will be used to determine whether the values in one or more target fields will be changed, or whether one or more target fields will be hidden or shown.
    Supported trigger field types are Choice fields and Lookup fields.  
  2. Evaluation – the evaluation contains the logic that will be evaluated against the data in the trigger. If the result of the evaluation is true, the form manager action will execute.  
  3. Action – the form manager will execute the defined action if the outcome of the evaluation is true. Actions include hiding or showing of target fields or setting a data value in the target field.  
  4. Target – the selected target field is Breeze Project field. The form manager action will execute against the target field. This field may be hidden or shown or the data within this field will be manipulated based on the configured action. 
    Target fields include text fields, choice fields, and lookup fields. 


*The form manager will not hide mandatory fields. 

A detailed User guide can be downloaded via the link below:

Breeze Projects Conditional Properties User Guide.pdf

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