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Sub-Allocations as Private and External Allocations


In earlier versions of Breeze, private allocations and external allocations did not include support for sub-allocations. Therefore, users were only able to create sub-allocations from the standard allocation type, but not from private- and external allocations.

Sub-allocations can now be created as private allocations, or they can be assigned to external users.


In order for a user to create a sub-allocation, whether it be standard, private or external, the parent allocation must be assigned to the same user. The user will also need appropriate permissions to create sub-allocations. (The Can Sub Allocate permission must be assigned to the current user from the Team Members tab in the project).


Sub-allocation Assigned to External User

The user is now able to create a sub-allocation and assign it to an external user.


Sub-allocation as Private Allocation

The user is now able to create a sub-allocation as a private allocation.


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