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Custom Tabs


Set Display Order

In previous versions of Breeze, customs tabs could only be positioned to the right of standard Breeze tabs. The custom tabs could be configured to display in any particular order but the first available position for any custom tab had to be on the right of the last visible standard Breeze tab.


In the new version of Breeze the administrator can configure custom tabs in-between standard Breeze tabs. One or more custom tab can be placed in any position before, in-between or after the standard tabs. If there are more than one custom tab the order in which the custom tabs are positioned can still be set. The order of the standard tabs cannot be changed. In other words, if the order of a series of Breeze tabs are at position 1 “Search” followed by position 2 “Unapproved Content” then position 3 “Suggested Content” the user can insert a custom tab at position 2 and “Unapproved Content” will move to position 3 and “Suggested Content” will move to position 4 but the user cannot change the sequence of the standard tabs. The user cannot move “Suggested Content” to position 3 and “Unapproved Content” to position 4.


 This feature is only available in the Breeze web and not in the Breeze Panel.



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