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Reviewing Content as Expert


When content needs to be reviewed by the subject matter expert, the workflow will generate and send a notification e-mail as well as generate a Review Task on your Dashboard.  

Start the process of reviewing the content, following these steps:

  1. Open the e-mail notifying you that a piece of content needs to be reviewed.  This email contains a hyperlink associated to the content's file name.  Click on the hyperlink:

  2. The content will open in its associated program (Word for documents and Power Point for Presentations).  Review the content for accuracy, compliance, etc. and apply any changes you deem necessary.

  3. Save your changes and Close the document.

  4. Go to the Workflow Task and click on "Approve".  This will notify your Content Manager that the review has been completed.

You can go to the Workflow Task in any of the following ways:

  • Open the task directly from the notification e-mail by clicking on "Open Task":
    (e-mail message opened in another window)

    (e-mail message displaying in the Outlook Preview Panel):

  • Open the task from Your Qorus Breeze Proposals Web Portal:


Click here to read more about submitting content for Expert Review.

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