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Allocation Tasks - Sub-Allocating a Normal Allocation

Only Team Members who have been assigned the 'Can Sub Allocate' permission (on the New Team Member screen) are allowed to Sub-Allocate.

These users can also be identified by the following:

- Within the Team Members view within the Project:


- Within the Team Members view on the Breeze Panel:

If a user has the 'Can Sub Allocate' permission, they are allowed to assign a portion of their allocation to another team member.

In order to Sub-Allocate:

1. Open a Breeze Project Document as a user with:

- an outstanding allocation

- the 'Can Sub Allocate' permission.

2. Locate a portion of the Project Document that has been allocated to you.

3. Within the Allocation control, select the portion of text that is to be allocated to another user.

4. Click Add on the Breeze panel.

5. Enter the relevant Allocation Information.

6. Once you are satisfied with the provided information, Click Allocate on the Breeze Panel. You will be advised that Sub-Allocations will be allocated and the document changes will be saved:

7. An email will be sent to the Sub-Allocatee, and, if they have access to it, a task will appear on their Dashboard and their Project Task list. 

Identifying a Sub-Allocation

Within the project view, a Sub-Allocation will be indicated by the Parent Allocation:

Within the Breeze panel, Sub-Allocations are indicated by the The Parent Allocation, as indicated in the highlighted portion below. 

Within the document body, the Sub-Allocation will be visible within the Parent Allocation and will be highlighted in a different colour, with a content control around it:


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