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Bug Fixes



Incorrect RAG status indicators

Resolve inconsistencies in RAG status found when specific country date-time formats are used.

Unapproved Content Type Default Filter not 'refreshing'

Resolve faulty 'content type' filter in Knowledge Source, Unapproved content and Breeze Panel searches.

Text wrapping

Implement text wrapping throughout the product. All UI elements will 'wrap' text into a new line instead of trimming text.

Disabled user accounts in people pickers for Allocations

Hide disabled user accounts from people pickers to prevent users from creating allocations to users who do not have access.

Uploading Documents With Custom Properties

When content is uploaded into Breeze clear existing document properties to prevent interference with certain document functions.

Approver comments not saved

When a review task is completed, save comments from the approver.

No validation for special characters

End-users have the ability to upload a document to Breeze containing special characters in the name of the document, via the front end (UI). Breeze must do the same validation that SharePoint does when uploading or editing a document's name.

Pagination Bug

Some tabs in Breeze allow you to put a number in the Pagination area and press enter to jump to it. Ensure this works in all areas where pagination is present.

Enable Previews when an Expert is not set

The document previews must work as expected even if no value is supplied in the 'expert' field.

Comments on Denied Tasks Not Appearing Via Email

Comments must be saved when content is rejected.

No page refresh - Rejected suggestions

Refresh screen and update tab counters when moving suggested content to unapproved content.

Product Support Bugs - Ashurst - Saved Project Teams with Disabled Users

When loading a permanent team into a project, do not add disabled user accounts to the project team members. The user will receive a warning message indicating that one or more accounts from the permanent team are in a disabled state and cannot be added to the project.

Allocation || Re-Assigning a Contribution Task via the Allocations Tab within the Project

When a contribution task or review task is reassigned via the allocations tab within a project the form must refresh to show the new user and an email notification must be sent.

External Allocation Bug #1 

Resolve an issue with external allocations whereby the response to an allocation is duplicated into a paragraph. The response should be inserted into a paragraph only once. 

Product Support Bug - Knowledge Source uses Modified By 'Login Name'  

Resolve an issue whereby search results excludes content modified by a user before the user login name was changed. 

Document Looks Different in Preview vs Actual  

When previewing a document the preview contains a numbered list but the actual document contains a bullet point list. 

Regional Date Settings 

Dates are incorrectly displayed in the calendar view when the locale is configured in a particular manner. 

Apostrophes in document titles not appearing properly  

​When using a title with an apostrophe in the Knowledge Source, the document title does not show up properly. 

Allow the Lite Bid users read-only access to the Knowledge Source 

Lite (Bid) Users had access to the Knowledge Source but it was removed with the 2.3.1 update. Provide the ability to grant access to Lite Bid users to the knowledge source. 

Content Displays Incorrectly when copy contains <<>>s  

KS Search result item description does not display '<<' characters properly. 

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