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Uploading Content - 'Undefined' Error

If you receive the following error message whilst trying to upload content, this article applies to you:

You might be receiving this error message because the title of the document you are trying to upload, contains one of the following characters:

Microsoft SharePoint does not allow the use of these characters in file names, and as such, uploading a file with a name containing any of the above, will fail to upload.  In addition to that, the following will also prevent files from uploading:

  • making use of the period character (".") in the middle or at the end of the file name

  • making use of the underscore character ("_") at the beginning of the file name

Microsoft has published two articles explaining the reasons Why you cannot use certain characters and detailing restrictions and limitations.  


Remove the special characters from your file name, ensure it doesn't conflict with any other detailed limitations or restrictions and retry to upload your content.


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