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Non Standard Allocations Enhancement


Microsoft Word Table support was added for Private and External Allocations so that the user can provide contributions to a table selected as an allocation in Microsoft Word.  The user can now select any table in Microsoft Word and allocate that to a user and the user will now be able to contribute over a private or external contribution.

Microsoft Word Table Allocation Functionality

The following support has been added to Microsoft Word Table Allocations:

  • A user can allocate an entire table
  • A user can allocate a combination of Table and Text

The following has been added to the contribution interface for Private and External allocations:

A warning message is displayed when a Table or row or cell is selected informing the user only to change the text within the selected cell, row or table

  • The user is able to change the shading in cells
  • The user is able to change colours in text and background

Note: The following limitations exist for the Microsoft Word Table Allocations:

  • No image support
  • Border support is limited to the first cell borders and then is applied to all other cells.
  • Setting the font to bold and text colour cannot be applied at the same time. The user needs to save each change before proceeding to the next.
  • Only font styles on the Web Contribution interface dropdown is supported
  • Word art or objects like shapes are not supported
  • Tables within tables are also supported but borders will all be applied based on the first parent table first cell.

On Internet Explorer 8, users can only view up to 450 cells on the web contribution interface; more would cause a script error to be displayed.

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