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Guided Cart Enhancement


The guided cart functionality has been enhanced so that the user can Check Out the guided cart as well as download the document to the default download folder if they are using a non-Microsoft based browser like Chrome or Safari. The checked out document will also be added to the user’s project documents. In conjunction to the guided cart, a non-guided cart template will automatically download when a project is created on a non-Internet Explorer browser. (Previously it would not download automatically)

Guided Cart Enhancement

  1. The “View Document” button label has been updated to read “Preview Document”
  2. On Chrome or Safari an extra icon will be displayed that displays the following message when hovered over: “Your browser does not support opening from the server directly when you Check Out”
  3. Once the user clicks “Check Out” the document will be downloaded to their default download folder and the following pop-up message will be displayed:

Note: The document will be checked out to the specific user but the user will only be downloading a copy of the checked out document if they are using a non-internet explorer browser.

Non Guided Cart Template Enhancement

  1. Using a non-Internet Explorer Browser such as Chrome or Safari, create a new project from the Breeze Web Dashboard and select a template that is a non-guided cart template
  1. Create the project and the following pop up that has been styled with the Breeze Web Interface will be displayed:



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