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Active Preview


Web active preview is a new feature that allows users to use the Web Active Preview to view Microsoft Word documents when they are doing a search on Knowledge Source or in supporting documents in projects on the Breeze Web interface. The user can then copy and paste its contents into external systems such as email or other programs like notepad while working on the web interface in Breeze.

Web Active Preview Functionality

  1. A new icon will appear on Microsoft Word Documents on Knowledge Source Searches or Supporting Documents.


  1. Selecting this icon will open the active preview either in a new tab or new browser window in the user’s default browser and display the document in the browser window as displayed below:

  1. The user can now copy and paste information from the document as well as drag and drop into external systems like word, notepad or email as displayed below:

Note: Drag and drop is related to the native drag and drop of the Operating System and Browser the user is working on. If an Operating System or Browser does not support drag and drop it will not allow the user to drag and drop from the active Preview Window. Copy and paste however will work as expected. Images in the document over 32kb will not be displayed in Internet Explorer 8 due to a limitation that exists in Internet Explorer 8.

Note: We advise that the user does a Ctrl +F5 Refresh to ensure the latest version of the document is displayed.

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