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Allocations - Locking a Project Document

The document owner (for a project document) has the option of Locking a document.

This functionality stops Project Team Members from editing parts of a document that is not allocated to them.

To lock a document:

While signed in as a document owner, click on the Allocations button in the Breeze panel.

1) Once you have created the necessary Allocations, note the Lock button on the Breeze Panel:

2) Click on the Lock; this will change the icon to the following, indicating that the document is now Locked:

While the document is locked

  • Only Allocated Sections can be edited by the Assignee, providing the assignee has logged into the Breeze panel when opening the document to edit the allocated section.
  • The Assignee will only have access to the sections allocated specifically to them.
  • Only the Document Owner will be able to Unlock the document; Any other user will see the following error if they try:


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