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Master Templates - Create a Breeze Master Template

A Template is a starting point for developing new documents or presentations.

Qorus Breeze Proposals enhances templates with some smart capabilities. 

1) In order to access Template Management panel you will need to click on the Knowledge Source Panel.
2) Under 'Add New Template', select a template type and provide a template name; Templates can either be a PowerPoint or a Word document.

3) Add the Template details, noting that fields marked with an asterisk * are Required.
4) Choose the Project Type(s) your Master Template would be appropriate for. 
5) Click Save.

These steps will create a blank Master Template in the Template Library. Once a Template has been added, it has to be edited to add Content.
You will require the Qorus Breeze and DocGeneration Add-Ins to make use of smart Template functionality.

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