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Office 2016 Compatibility

Office 2016 Compatibility

Office 2016 compatibility was added to all Breeze Panels, giving the user the option of Office 2013/2016. Users are now able to install the Breeze Panel in one of the following Office 2016 applications:

  • PowerPoint 2016
  • Excel 2016
  • Word 2016


The new options listed below would indicate that it is both an Office 2013 and Office 2016 compatible add-In and the user will have to choose accordingly.

Note: Office 2016 Known Issues:

  • A Security warning is displayed when the user tries to suggest content and the upload fails if he does not allow the blocked content (This behaviour will be fixed in a future release)

  • When trying to insert PPTX into a Word doc the following error is displayed: 'Specified data type is unavailable'. This is a native Word 2016 issue and cannot be resolved currently unless Microsoft changes this behaviour. 

DocGen and SlideGen: 

Previously there were multiple versions of the DocGen and SlideGen Add-Ins, they have been merged into single versions so you only have a single DocGen and SlideGen Add-In. These are also compatible with Office 2016.

As displayed below there will not only be a single add-in for SlideGen and a single add-in for DocGen:


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