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Licensing - Guest Licencing

Guest licencing allows you to make use of a licence type which accommodates short-lived users who require basic system access (such as one would need for completing Allocations).


This functionality is exposed through the External Team Member functionality.

Each External Team Member assignment to a project consumes a licence and the removal from a project or closure of a project will free up the licence

License files will now contain this new Licence type and once uploaded will show on the Admin Settings interface.

The User Management interface now contains filters for the various License types, which when clicked will display the users which have been assigned the selected type.

User Management will also reflect the number of Guest Licences available and the number that have been consumed.

This view will display the users (External Team Member) Name, Surname and Email Address along with the Organisation and Active Project that they have been assigned to.

Each User / Active Project combination will be displayed as an individual line, as such External Team Members may be listed more than once in accordance with their Guest License consumption.

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