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External Team Members

This feature is to allow Bid Managers to add team members to their project who exist outside of their organisations, or who are not defined in Breeze.  


External Team Members are added to Project Teams using the existing "New" option under the "Team Members" tab.

Note: In order to add External Team Members to a Project the appropriate number of Guest Licences need to be available.

The New Team Member dialogue now contains an “External” radio option, which will result in the New Team Member dialog updating as follows:

  • These users will not consume a Lite or Standard user license, but will consume a Guest License; this functionality will thus require an available Guest License for each External Team Member who is added to a Project.

  • The External Team Member's Name, Surname and Email Address is stored against the project.

  • The same user can be added to multiple projects, but each additional use of an existing team member will consume a Guest License.

  • Once the External Team Member has been added to the Project Team they will appear in the team members listing with an “External” designation, or in the Breeze panel with the (Ext) designation.

  • External Team Members are not able to be designated as Reviewers on Projects.

  • External Team Members will be included in a Saved Team as per the existing functionality.  

  • If a Saved Team is used to populate the Project Team, all External Team Members will be added as per normal (if there are enough guest Licences available). 

  • In the event that there are not enough Guest Licences available the appropriate error message will be presented and the Saved Team will not be able to be added.


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