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Sign In to DocGeneration Ribbon

NOTE: The Document Generation Ribbon is used exclusively for editing content opened directly from the Knowledge Source.

When a Knowledge Source Word Document is opened from the Breeze environment a sign-in into the DocGeneration ribbon might be required.

If the user is not signed in to the ribbon, opening a template should automatically prompt the user to sign-in by informing them that they do not have access:

Cloud based Breeze tenants are setup with the SharePoint environment utilising Forms Based Authentication or Federated Authentication; this should be the types of authentication used when signing into the DocGeneration ribbon as the DocGeneration constantly communicates with the SharePoint server hence requiring authentication.

To sign in to the DocGeneration ribbon:

1) Navigate to the DocGeneration Ribbon.

2) Click on Set Credentials.

3) Select one of the two Authentication types:

a) Forms-based authentication and fill in your Breeze login credentials.


b) Select Federated Authentication which will automatically sign you into the DocGeneration ribbon.



Once this is done, the ribbon will authenticate the credentials and activate the ribbon.


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