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Project Owners vs Document Owners

This article applies to:

  • Bid Managers
  • Bid Masters
  • Super Users

As a Bid Manager in Qorus Breeze, you are able to create Projects that can have one or many Project Documents within them.

As the creator of a Project, you are able to add Team Members to help you work more efficiently and complete the Project in the shortest amount of time.

There can be many Project Documents in a Project with each document having a respective Owner.

Within the Project, Document Owners are able to create Allocations inside the document to other Team Members in the Project.

Only the Document Owner has the ability to create Allocations using the Breeze Panel inside their respective Project Document.

A Project Owner can change the Project Document Owner by clicking on the documents dropdown menu and selecting “Change Document Owner

They will then choose another Team Member of their choice to become the new Document Owner.

Should a Project Owner wish to change the Owner of the Project, they can do so by clicking on the Projects drop down menu and selecting “Edit Project”.

This will bring up the Projects information where you are able to select another Bid Manager in the Organization to take on the role as the Project Owner.

If a Team Member is a Bid Manager and/or Bid Master, they will be able to perform the same type of functions within the project as the Project Owner would.



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