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Q and A Pairs - Overview

Qorus Breeze Proposals now has ability to store and utilize frequently asked questions, and their tried and tested answers, for use in responding to RFPs and other project documents.

Adding Question and Answer Pair content is quick and easy, and the items are subject to the Breeze Content Approval and Review cycles that are already in place.

Answers for Q and A pair items can be enhanced with Project tags, to ensure their use in the final project document contains custom data and content. (This functionality behaves in the same manner as for other Knowledge Source content).

When searching the Knowledge Source for Q and A Pair content, these result items display with an easy-to-read view of the question, and its answer, for rapid selection of the relevant response, in order to insert into a project document, or copy to the project.

From the Breeze Panel, when Q and A Pair content is selected to insert into a contribution response, the interface inserts the answer below the selected question, in order to aid in rapid response to questions in a project document.


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