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Styles - Styles do not update for inserted content?

When Knowledge Source content is inserted into a Master Template, it will take on the definitions of Styles as defined in the Master Template - e.g. The Style Body Text in the Knowledge Source Content will change to match the Body Text definition of the Master Template.

But what if your styles are not updating correctly?

If the QBP Master Template does not have a Style name that matches the Knowledge Source Content, in your project document the defined settings in your QBP Master Template will not be applied to the text.


The Knowledge Source Content has a style named Body Text_1, defined as Arial 11pt

Your QBP Master Template style was named Body Text, defined as Times New Roman 12pt.

When the content is inserted it would apply the new style (Body Text_1) into your project document and the text would appear as Arial 11pt, while the rest of the document could be in Body Text (Times New Roman 12pt), creating inconsistencies in your document formatting and styling.


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