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Styles - How do I restrict the font styles available in a document/template?

In some instances a template owner might want to restrict the font Styles that a user is allowed to apply to a template (e.g. A user can BOLD text, but not UNDERLINE, or the available font styles can be limited to the company's style set only).  

The following Word feature will allow this restriction:

1) Open the template from Breeze
2) Click on the File menu > Info > Protect Document > Restrict Editing

3) On the Restrict Formatting and Editing bar, check 'Limit formatting to a selection of styles' and click Settings.

4) In the 'Formatting Restrictions' dialog, un-check any styles you do not want to be available. Any styles left checked will still be available. * You can also stop the user from changing to another style set or theme.

5) Click Ok. 
6) On the Restrict Formatting and Editing bar, click 'Yes, Start Enforcing Protection'.
7) You will be prompted to supply a password; you can leave the password field blank, or opt to supply a password.  ** 

8) You will note that the list of available Styles is now limited to what you have applied.

* If styles, used in your document, are removed from the available Styles list, the formatting of your document will be affected.

** If a password is supplied, the only way to remove this restriction is with the password.



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