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Styles - Create a New Quick Style Set

The easiest way to create a new Quick Style Set, is to pick an existing one, update it and then save it under a new name.

Follow these steps to create your own Quick Style Set:

1) First, pick a Quick Style set that’ is close to what you want. In this example I will use the Simple Style set. Select the style set by clicking on Change Styles > Style Sets.

In Microsoft Word Templates you also have colour and font sets. Switch to Colour set that is closest to the end result you’re looking for.

In this example, I will pick Grayscale as the Colour Set and switch the font to the Office Classic 2 set:

2) Next you will go through the various Styles, right-clicking each one, selecting Modify and making adjustments to the font (size, colour), spacing, alignment, and other settings:

3) Lastly right-click on any Styles in the Gallery that you do not want to use, and choose Remove from Quick Style Gallery:

4) Lastly, you will have to save your new Quick style Set; Click on the Change Styles drop down > Style Set > Save as Quick Style Set:

Once saved, the new Quick Style will be available to you via the Change Styles drop-down.

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