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Business Rules - Create a Business Rule in your Master Template

Within Qorus DocGeneration, you have the ability to create Business Rules in MS Word using the Business Rule feature in the DocGeneration add-in for Word.

To create Business Rules, follow the steps below:

1) Open the template document you'd like to create Business Rules for.
2) Click on the Qorus DocGeneration Add-in button on the Ribbon. (Located at the top of the MS Word window)
3) Click on the Business Rules button on the DocGeneration ribbon.

Notice the Business Rules Pane that appears on the right hand side of the screen.

4) Click on the New button on the pane after selecting the data .
5) On the Window that appears, give the Business Rule a name.

6) Select the tag you wish the business rule to assess and the option from the drop-down that applies.. 

7) You can now choose to either have the Business Rule assess against another tag or you can enter a default value in the last text box.
8) Once completed, click OK. The Business Rule will now be located on the Word Template. You can add text, data tags, etc. into the business rule.

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