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Allocation Tasks - Creating an Excel Allocations

This article applies to:

  • Project Team Members who are Document Owners

This functionality Allows Bid Managers to allocate work from Excel documents.

Key Features

  • Allocate directly out of Excel
  • Multi-Browser support for contributions

Excel Allocations are created by opening an Excel Project document and then selecting the Allocation > Add option as per existing Allocation functionality.

To create an Excel Allocation:

  • As with all allocations, Excel Allocations can only be performed on Project Documents. 

1) Open the Excel Spreadsheet of which you are the Owner.
2) Click on the Qorus Breeze Add-in button (on the 'Home' ribbon of Microsoft Excel), and login to the panel (if required).
3) Click on the Allocations button in the panel. (See Below).

4) Click the Add button.

5) Fill in the Add Task Form:

  • Title: Will be the title of the Allocation Tasks.
  • Contributor: The Contributor is the team member the task is to be allocated to.
  • Allocation Range: 
    • This is to designate the range of cells that will be assigned to the Contributor for completion. 
    • Highlight the Range in the Spreadsheet and click the Arrow in order to automatically fill in the range information.
    • The Allocation Range must be a set range of columns (ie you cannot allocate an entire row or column).
    • The Allocation Range cannot overlap another Allocation Range.
  • Header Range: 
    • This is to designate the range of cells that will be used as the Header display for the Allocation Range.
    •  The header range must match the Allocation Range in terms of the columns assigned. 
    • The header range does not need to be Adjacent to the Allocation Range (or even on the same sheet).
    • The Header range will not be available for editing by the Contributor.
  • Preview Range: 
    • This is to designate the range of cells used to generate the Preview Image.
    • By default this will be the same as the Allocation Range (once the Allocation Range has been specified). The range can be changed by expanding the view.
    • This range can overlap with any other assigned ranges.

  • Supporting Documents: 
    • This will display the Supporting Documents selection option which will display all Supporting Documents attached to the Project.
    • Selecting 1 or more Supporting Documents will make the selected documents available to the designated Contributor when they open the assigned Excel Allocation
  • Due Date: When the Allocation task is due. Note: This date cannot be set for later than the projects due date.
  • Include Reviewer: Should the allocation need to be reviewed, a Reviewer can be set, with a Review Due Date.
  • Comment: Add a descriptive comment for the allocation & click + to add the comment.

6) Click Submit

Depending on the options selected above, you may be presented with a preview of the Allocated content. To update the preview, select the appropriate text and click the Refresh button. Click Submit once done.

Notice that the task has been added to the task list.

7) Once all the tasks have been created click on the Allocate button next to Add Task on the Breeze Panel.

An email will be sent to the team member, advising them of the allocation. This email will contain a hyperlink to the Web Contributions interface which will allow the user to provide their Contribution and when ready mark the Contribution as Complete.

Once an Excel Allocation has been completed by the Team Member it was allocated to, the Document Owner will have to Publish the Allocation. Read the following article for more information on Publishing an Excel Allocation.


  • Only cell values are supported, i.e the actual text or values in the cell not formulas or lookups
  • Images are not supported
  • Objects such as smart art or charts are not supported
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