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Data Tags - Create Calculated Tags in your Master Template

Within Qorus DocGeneration, you have the ability to create calculated tags in MS Word using the Add Tag feature in the DocGeneration add-in for Word.

To create calculated tags, follow the steps below:

1) Open the template document, in which you would like to create calculated tags.
2) Click on the Qorus DocGeneration Add-in button on the Ribbon. (Located at the top of the MS Word window)
3) Click on the Data Tags button on the DocGeneration ribbon.

Notice the data tags pane that appears on the right hand side of the screen.

4) Select the Data Source you would like to add the Tag to, then Click on the Add Tag button. located on the bottom of the pane.
5) On the Window that appears select the Calculated Tab and supply a name for the Tag that will be created.
6) Select either numeric or string in the drop-down box. 
7) Select the tags that you wish to do the calculation with from the Select Tag button.

Many different calculations can take place. In the Calculation text field the user can create their own formula using tags, numbers and operators as it suits them.

8) Once completed, click OK. The Calculated tag will now be located within the data source, previously selected, as seen below.

The Calculated Tag can be dragged into the template.

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