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Project Documents - Building Project Documents from a Project (Guided) Cart

This article applies to:

  • Bid Managers
  • Bid Masters
  • Super Users

Guided Carts allow you to quickly create Project Documents with a set of pre-determined content sections. 

Once you have created the Project Cart (within a Project), you will need to add content. The following will explain the difference between the content section types, in some more detail.

Project Carts can have the following section types:

1) Guided Search Sections:

Guided Search Sections allow you to search the Knowledge Source with a set of predefined search terms, content types and file types.
Click the Search button in order to select content from the Knowledge Source.

2) Open Search
Open Search sections allow you to do an unrestricted search the Knowledge Source.
Click the Search button in order to select content from the Knowledge Source.

3) Static Content
Static Content Sections provide you with a list of pre-selected Content to choose from. 
Select one or more of the offered choices; The available content, and the number of items you can add, is determined by the Template Author:

4) Supporting Documents
The Supporting Documents section allows you to include Supporting Documents in your Project Document. These are documents that have been previously loaded into your Projects Supporting Documents list. This content is usually specific to the project.

Proposals and Document Types:

In the above screenshot, you will note that one of the documents has a warning icon - this is because the content being added must be of the same type as the proposal being generated; i.e. Presentations can only contain Presentations, Word documents can only contain Word documents.

Use the Refresh button to regenerate a Live Preview of your Project Document.
Wherever it appears, the Preview Button can be used to view a Preview of the document/content.
Use the delete icon to remove content that you have added to the guided cart.

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