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Allocation Tasks - Responding to a Normal Allocation

Project Point allows multiple users to collaborate on a single Proposal, as a Team.
Team members can have portions of a Proposal document allocated to them.

When a Normal Allocation task is assigned to you, a Task is added to your Dashboard, as well as the Project's Tasks list. An email will also be sent to you to notify you of the allocation.

When you receive an allocation, you can respond in the following way:

1) View your allocated task from within Breeze Proposals or the Project Point, or select the URL link from the Allocation Email.

2) Once Microsoft Word has opened, open the Breeze Panel and click on Allocations.

3) Select My Allocations from the drop-down list to only see tasks allocated to you.

4) Click the Find icon to navigate to the content that has been allocated to you. The allocated section will be highlighted.

5) You will note that the Allocation is highlighted. Perform the required update to the content in the document:

You also have the option of adding a comment to your allocation - click the + sign to add the comment:

6) Once done, you have to mark the Allocation Task as completed. Click on Home and Tasks on the Breeze Panel.

7) Click on the Action Button and select Complete.


  • Selecting Decline will mark an allocation as Declined, however it will not remove the task.
  • Completed Allocations can be re-opened.
  • Finalising the document (as the Document Owner) will remove all Allocations and their content controls.

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