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Master Templates - Guided Cart Content Sections

Master Templates with Guided Cart Sections are known as Guided Cart Templates. Guided Carts are used to create documents with a 'Wizard like' experience. The Template authors provide the rules for the content of a proposal type and the Proposal or Bid teams  use the Wizard to select Content.

There are 4 different Types of Guided Cart Content Sections:

Static Content

These are used to ensure that specific documents in the Knowledge Source (KS) are made available to the Bid Manger when building their project Document.

1) After specifying the Static Section Type, click on the Plus button to add KS Content. 
2) Search for one or more items; x to remove items. 
3) Specify 'Multiple Documents Allowed' (if applicable).
4) Specify mandatory documents (if applicable).

5) Apply business rules to determine which items will be available, based on Project Data used.

Guided Search

Use this content section. also known as the Restricted Search, to allow the Bid Manager to search for content in the KS, but with a predefined scope.

1) After specifying the Guided Search Section Type, Enter the search requirements in the 'Free Text' text box.
2) Specify Meta Data filters (if applicable)
3) Specify 'Multiple Documents Allowed' (if applicable).

Open Search

Use this content section to allow the Bid Manager to do an open search for content in the KS.

1) After specifying the Open Search Content Type, specify if multiple documents are allowed.

Supporting Documents

This section allows the Bid Manger to select documents from their project's supporting documents (if applicable).

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