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Breeze Panel - Insert Content error

When using the Breeze panel and trying to insert Knowledge Source content, the user receives the following error:

To resolve this issue:

1) Search for the document you are trying to insert in the document library.
2) Hover over the document name, select 'View Version History'
3) Ensure that the document was converted to a DocGen template, by checking for a line that says "QorusTemplate Yes".
4) If the above line is not present, the document was not converted to a template - attempt to overcome this by re-uploading the document.
If the above line is present, open the document and view the document Properties>Advanced Properties>Custom in Word and ensure that the following values are set:

  • SPSiteID
  • SPWebID
  • SPListID
  • SPServerURL

5) If the above values are not set, edit the Property "QorusTemplate" to No & check document back in.

6) After a few minutes, check the Version History again & ensure that the "QorusTemplate Yes" is set. The Advanced Properties should now also display the above properties.

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