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Allocation Tasks - Responding to an External Allocation

This article applies to:

  • Project Team Members

Project Point allows multiple users to collaborate on a single Proposal, as a Team.
Team members can have portions of a Proposal document allocated to them.

An External Allocation allows the Project Document Owner allocate work to External Team Members and for the designated user to contribute without logging into the Breeze environment.

1) When a External Allocation task is assigned to you, an email will be sent to you to notify you of the allocation.  The email will contain a link to the allocation - click the link in order to open the allocation:

2) An External Allocation will not open the document in question, but will take you to a Web Contribution Form. The form will present you with:

  • Some basic project information (Project Name, Owner, Document Name). 
  • A list of Supporting Documentation (if any)
  • The Allocated Text (editable) displayed in a simple text editor
  • A Preview image (this may correspond to the allocated text, or could be a piece of text to provide background context).

3) If there are supporting documents available

  • You can click the drop down button to show the list of available document(s)  
  • Select the appropriate document(s)
  • Click the download button
  • The Supporting Documents will be downloaded as a zipped file.

4) You can capture a Contribution by either editing the contents of the text editor, or by pasting into the control. The following are not supported by the editor:

  • Word Styles 
  • Images

5) You can then perform one of the following actions:

  • Save: Save any changes to the contribution, allowing you to close the browser window. You can return to this view at a later stage (by clicking the Allocation link) in order to complete your contribution.
  • Complete: This will save any changes and publish the contribution to the original Project Document and mark the task as Complete.
  • Decline: This will mark the Allocation as Declined

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