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Understanding Breeze User Roles

1) There are four types of Breeze User Roles:

  • Standard (Licensed Role)
  • Lite (Licensed Role)
  • Guest Licenses (Licensed Role)
  • Unlicensed

2) For each License type, a User can belong to one or more Roles; i.e. A user can belong to one or more Standard License roles, or one or more Lite License roles, but not both.
3) To be a Bid Master, users also have to belong to the Bid Manager role.
4) There is also a Breeze Administrator Role, that does not take up a license. This user has access to Settings & Licensing, as well as User Management.
5) Guest Licenses are used for External Allocations to non-licensed users in Project Teams. 


Use the following link to find a matrix to compare the functionality available to Standard users and Lite users: User Role Comparison Matrix

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