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Allocation Tasks - Responding to a Private Allocation

This article applies to:

  • Project Team Members

Project Point allows multiple users to collaborate on a single Proposal, as a Team.
Team members can have portions of a Proposal document allocated to them.

A Private Allocation allows the Project Document Owner to limit access to the Project Document to only the section that is to be allocated.

1) When a Private Allocation task is assigned to you, an email will be sent to you to notify you of the allocation.  The email will contain a link to the allocation - click the link in order to open the allocation:

You will also receive a new task on your Dashboard. Private Allocations will be indicated with the indicated icon. Click on the Document Name in order to open the allocation:

2) A Private Allocation will not open the document in question, but will take you to a Web Contribution Form. The form will present you with:

  • Some basic project information (Project Name, Owner, Document Name). 
  • A list of Supporting Documentation (if any)
  • The Allocated Text (editable) displayed in a simple text editor
  • A Preview image (this may correspond to the allocated text, or could be a piece of text to provide background context).

3) If there are supporting documents available

  • You can click the drop down button to show the list of available document(s)  
  • Select the appropriate document(s)
  • Click the download button
  • The Supporting Documents will be downloaded as a zipped file.

4) You can capture a Contribution by either editing the contents of the text editor, or by pasting into the control. The following are not supported by the editor:

  • Word Styles 
  • Images

5) You can then perform one of the following actions:

  • Save: Save any changes to the contribution, allowing you to close the browser window. You can return to this view at a later stage (by clicking the Allocation link) in order to complete your contribution.
  • Complete: This will save any changes and publish the contribution to the original Project Document and mark the task as Complete.
  • Decline: This will mark the Allocation as Declined

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