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Data Tags - Using 'Replace with Tag' to insert Data Tag in Master Template

Within Qorus DocGeneration, you have the ability to replace normal string content with data tags, by using the Replace With Tag feature in the DocGeneration add-in for Word.

To replace content with data tags, follow the steps below:

1) Open the template document you'd like to update in Microsoft Word.
2) Click on the Qorus DocGeneration Add-in button on the Ribbon (Located at the top of the MS Word window).
3) Click on the Replace With Tag button on the DocGeneration ribbon.

A pop-up window that appears, similar to an MS Word Find & Replace window.
5) Add the text you wish to replace into the top (Find What) text box. 
6) Into the bottom text box, Select the tag you would like to replace the text (previously entered) with from your data source by clicking on the Select Tag link.

7) In the Select Tag window, locate the tag you wish to use.
8) You can now decide whether to replace all instances of the content with the data tag or just a single instance using the Replace (Single) or Replace All (Multiple) buttons located in the replace with tag window on the bottom right hand side.
9) You will be notified that the text has been replaced by means of a information window pop-up.

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