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Finalizing Your Project Document

This article applies to:

  • Project Team Members who are Document Owners

Once you have completed all work on a Proposal Document, you can finalize the document.

Finalizing a document will:

  • Remove all Breeze mark-up.
  • Refresh any existing tables of content.

To finalize a document:

1) Open the document once all work on a Project Document (Proposal) has been completed.
2) On the Breeze Panel, click the Finalize button.

3) Finalizing a document will remove all Allocation tasks; The following warning will be displayed.

4) Click Ok to continue only if you are certain.
5) Click Ok on the completion message.

Note that all Allocation Tasks have been removed and that any existing Tables of Content have been updated. A Copy of the finalized document will also be saved to the Project Document list.

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