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Bug Fix Items

The following bugs have been fixed in this release:



KS Preview Image Issue

Currently the Knowledge Source Preview generates up to 10 thumbnails in png format. This causes large files to be created and if there are images in the document it causes even a bigger impact as it then pushes the file size up massively. This causes the preview to appear very slow due to the large file being displayed.

Project Details Bug

As a project owner it is possible to copy and email the Project URL to a Lite User. The Lite User can then open the URL in IE and sign in and be taken to the Project Point.

From here they can:

•Add a team member

•Add a New Project Document (not guided cart)

•edit the Project Document Owner

•Edit the Project Document (outside of allocations) even if I am not the owner.

This should not be possible as the Lite user does not have the required permissions.


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