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Search Enhancements

Improvements to the existing Search functionality to extend its usability.


All aspects of the Search Enhancements as detailed below are available on both the Web and Add-In Panels.


When a Search Term is used to search on, the results will display Snippets where the Search Term was located from within the document.

By default the Snippets area will be expanded but can be collapsed clicking on the Expand/Collapse button for all the items or via the single item expand option as per existing functionality.

The Expanded/Collapsed selection will remain for the duration of any further searches conducted, navigating away from the Search page and back again will reset this to the default state (Expanded).

In Project Search, Snippets will display only when you select “Search Project Documents”.

UI Improvements

The following user interface changes have been made to the Search interface:

  • Multi Line Search Term box; In the event that the Search Term exceeds the width of the box it will automatically increase in height, and reduce in height as needed.
  • Search Tooltip; A new Tooltip has been added next to the search box and provides Advanced Search Tips.
  • Use quotation marks for exact results e.g. “Proposal Generation”; The search results will list all content containing the exact phrase between quotes. 
  • Use OR between terms e.g. Proposal OR Generation; The search results will list all content containing any of the words.
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