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Team Members - Add a Team Member to your Project

This article applies to:

  • Bid Managers
  • Bid Masters
  • Super Users

When working on a Project, you can add Team Members to your Project. Team Members are the people with whom you collaborate on a Project.

You can allocate Questions and Proposal Sections, with due dates, to Team Members. 

Team Members are optional.

To add a Team Member to your Project:

1) Click on the Team Members tab in the Project View
2) Click on the down-arrow next to New Team Member to expand the view:

3) You now have the option of adding an Existing Licensed Breeze user, or an External non-Breeze user.

Adding a Breeze User:
4) If you know the full name name of the user to add to your project, type the name of the user and click the Check User icon next to the text box in order to resolve the username.

5) If the username cannot be resolved, the name will be highlighted. Click on the name and select the correct user from the displayed list.
6) Select the Team Member Role from the Drop Down list. Team Members can be:

  • Bid Managers
  • Account Managers
  • Solution Architects
  • Content Managers

7) If a Team Member is to be a Reviewer (for contributions made by other users), Check the Review Function (Can review allocations). 

Adding an External User:
8) In order to add External Team Members to a Project the appropriate number of Guest Licences need to be available.
9) On the New Team Member dialogue select the “External” radio option.

10) By typing in the Email Address field the user will be presented with any matches found on either email addresses or name or surname of External Team Members who have already been added to the system and are active. Selecting an email address from the list, will populate the Name and Surname fields. 

11) If required a new External Team Member can be added by capturing the email address, name and surname directly. This will store the user information for the specific project and the captured user will be usable in other projects by searching for them as per the steps above.
12) Once the External Team Member has been added to the Project Team they will appear in the team members listing with an “External” designation.


  • External Team Members are not able to be designated as Reviewers on Projects.
  • External Team Members are not able to be designated as Sub Allocators
  • In the event that there are not enough Guest Licences available the External Team Member will not be added and the appropriate error message will be presented.

13) Click Save and Submit to add the new Team Member.

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