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Label Your Content (Edit Properties)

This article applies to:

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  • Lite Users
  • Content Managers
  • Content Masters

Content Properties allow Content Managers to organise content along a list of predefined categories. This makes searching content, from within the Knowledge Source, easier.

Content Properties also include the Name and Title of Content, Keywords and Descriptions, as well as Document Owner, Expert and Review requirements.

Note that the Content Categories are all predefined and tailored to your requirements.

In order to edit Content Properties:

  1. Search for the content in the Knowledge Source.

  2. Click on Actions > Edit Properties button (next to the Content Title).

  3. On the Edit Properties window, update the fields as required, taking note that * indicates a required field.

  4. Take note of the following fields:

    Expert - This is the Subject Expert for the content. When content is submitted for Expert Validation, they are the responsible person.

    Review Interval (months)
    - This is the period between required reviews.

    Next Review Start Date - the date the review cycle starts. Leaving this blank will start the review based on the Review Interval.

  5. Once completed, click Save to submit your changes, or Cancel to discard changes.

Remember that editing its properties will put the content back into a Draft state and it will have to go through the Approval process again.

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