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Report Builder

With Qorus Breeze Proposals, Bid Managers have the ability to build reports using the Report Builder feature in the Breeze Dashboard.

To open reports in report builder, follow the steps below:

1) Log in to your Qorus Breeze.
2) Click on the Reports button on the left hand side of the screen.

Notice the Horizontal Tabs in the center of the screen. These are the different areas in which reports can be created. Inside each tab you can see the different options of reports that you may view.

3) Select which option of report you desire.
4) On the right hand side of the pop up, select the start and end date desired.
5) Click on the Actions button on the top left hand side of the pop up.
6) Click on Open with Report Builder.

NOTE: To use this function an additional file needs to be downloaded. Breeze Proposals will do this for you.


 7) You will notice a new window has opened up. (As seen below)


 8) Here you can modify the design of your report before further use.

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