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Changing your Breeze Site Logo and Site Images

Users with Administrative permissions, can change the Theme of your Breeze instance.

In order to Customize your Logo:

1) Go to your Settings panel.
2) Locate the Theme Settings > Images under the Colour Scheme settings.
3) If you already have an image loaded, click 'Clear' in order to remove the preset image.
4) Click Upload > Browse and select your new Logo image.
5) Scroll down and click Save Changes to complete the upload of the logo.

Some notes on the image that will be used:

  • The dimension of each Page Tab image needs to be 99 x 196px
  • The image needs to be split at 98px for each of the two icons.
  • The non-active/hover icon has a vertical real-estate from 0-98px
  • The active/hover icon has a vertical real-estate from 99-196px.


Please note that there are other, more advanced, image options displayed in this section. These images should not be adjusted except by advanced users.

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