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Allocation Tasks - Creating a Normal Allocation

This article applies to:

  • Project Team Members who are Document Owners

With Qorus Breeze Proposals, Project Owners have the ability to Allocate Contribution tasks to team members with the Allocations feature in the Breeze Panel add-in for Word.

To allocate tasks to your team members from the Breeze Panel, follow the steps below:

1) Open the Project Document (Proposal) of which you are the Owner.
2) Click on the Qorus Breeze Add-in button (on the 'Home' ribbon of Microsoft Word), and login to the panel (if required).
3) Click on the Allocations button in the panel. (See Below).

4) Highlight the text or section you would like to Allocated and click Add Task.

5) Fill in the Add Task form:

  • Title: Will be the title of the Allocation Tasks.
  • Contributor: The team member the task is to be allocated to.
  • Due Date: When the Allocation task is due. Note: This date cannot be set for later than the projects due date.
  • Include Reviewer: Should the allocation need to be reviewed, a Reviewer can be set, with a Review Due Date.
  • Comment: Add a descriptive comment for the allocation & click + to add the comment
  • Manual Preview: A preview of the allocation content will be created automatically. In order to manually set the preview, check this option.

6) Click Submit.

Depending on the options selected above, you may be presented with a preview of the Allocated content. To update the preview, select the appropriate text and click the Refresh button. Click Submit once done.

Notice that the task has been added to the task list.

7) Once all the tasks have been created click on the Allocate button next to Add Task on the Breeze Panel.

An email will be sent to the team member, advising them of the allocation.

NOTE: This will allocate all tasks created. If you wish to allocate tasks one-by-one then Click on the drop down on each individual task. (See below)

NOTE: Each task has an RAG status assigned to it, based on the due date: 

  • Blue - Unallocated
  • Green - Allocated
  • Black - Completed
  • Red - Incomplete allocation with missed due date.

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