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DocGeneration Addin - Add-ins are installed, but not Enabled (Office 2010)

Occasionally you may find that your MS Office software has disabled your DocGeneration or Breeze Addins.

A symptom of this is when you are unable to install the addins, as they are already installed (see screenshot), but the addins are not available in your MS Office Software.

This issue is usually caused by working offline or with poor internet connectivity. Once a day, the Breeze panel will automatically try to connect to your Breeze server in order to check for updates. If you are offline or experiencing connectivity issues, and are unable to connect to the server, the add-in will be disabled.

To Enable a Disabled Addin:

1) Open your office software (E.g. MS Word)
2) Click on File > Options
3) In the Word Options window, click on Add-Ins (on the left hand side of the window).
4) From the Manage Drop down, select Disabled Items and click Go.

5) Enable any Addins that may show up in the list.

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