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Breeze Panel - Allocation Error

Users may receive the following error when attempting to create an allocation in the Breeze Panel:

'Cannot create allocation for team member 'email address'. The requested member of the collection does not exist.'

This error appears due to restrictions in place on the user's Domain Profile, usually in the form of a Group Policy that disables the user's access to Information Rights Management (IRM).

The specific policy, called 'Turn off Information Rights Management user interface', when enabled, blocks a user's access to IRM.

How to Obtain Group Policy Results (GPResults):

1) Click Start, Run, and enter cmd to open a command window.
2) Type >Gpresult /h report.html 

If you run a GP Results report on the affected user, search for the following Enabled Policy:

To overcome this issue, the Network Administrator will have to:

1) Disable the above mentioned policy, OR

1) Create a Group Policy that has the following set: 'Turn off Information Rights Management user interface' - Disabled.

2) Add affected Breeze user to receive the above policy.
3) Ensure that the policy is applied before any other policies, by ensuring that the policy appears higher in the link order of Group Policies.
4) The Affected user has to log out and back into the domain to apply the new policies.
5) Attempt Allocation.

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