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Project Documents - Create a New Project Document from a Project (Guided) Cart

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Guided Carts allow you to quickly create Project Documents with a set of pre-determined content sections. 

In order to create a Project Document from a Guided Cart:

1) From within your Project view, click on 'Project Carts'.
2) Click the drop-down arrow next to 'New Project Cart'.

3) Select a Master Template from the drop-down list and Supply a Name for the Project Cart.
4) Navigate through the predefined sections (click Next and Prev to navigate through the sections), which will allow you to do a combination of the following:

  • Freely search the Knowledge Source, or
  • Search the Knowledge Source within defined search filters, 
  • Select from specific, predefined documents and
  • Select from the Project's supporting documents.

5) In order to add Content to the Project Cart, click on the Shopping Cart icon. Content that has already been added will have a check mark over the Shopping Cart. To return to the Project Cart, click on the Name of the cart:

6) You can preview any of the content in the sections while building your documents, as well as doing a Live Preview of the document (Click the Refresh icon to refresh the Live Preview of the document).

Use the Refresh button to regenerate a Live Preview of your Project Document.
Wherever it appears, the Preview Button can be used to view a Preview of the document/content.

7) Once done, supply a Name and click on Check Out in order to View the document and add it to the Project.

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