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Suggesting Q & A Pairs

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From within the Breeze Panel, the Suggestion functionality has been extended to allow you to suggest directly to the Question and Answer Pair content.

To Suggest Q and A Pair Content from within the Breeze Panel:

1) Within Word, highlight the content to be suggested as Q and A Content and click the Suggest Button on the Breeze Panel.

2) Check 'Question and Answer Suggestion' and enter the text for the Question, as well as comments to accompany your suggestion.

3) A Preview of your Suggested Answer Summary is displayed. To change the suggestion, highlight text in your document and click the Refresh button. 
4) When you are happy with your suggestion, click the Submit button.
5) Once the suggestion has been completed, a message is displayed, asking if you want to suggest more content.

Suggested Q and A Pairs will go through the usual Approval Process for Suggested Content and will only be available for use once Approved.

Once the suggested content has been reviewed, an email will be sent, informing you if your suggestion was successful or not. 

Note: Include your question in the content that is suggested.

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