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Team Members - Creating and Using Project Teams

The same team of users could be working across many different projects. Adding and defining these team members manually (in a project), could be a time-consuming task.

Breeze allows teams to be saved, and loaded into new projects.

To define a Project Team:

1) In a Project, once team members and roles have been defined on a Project, Click Save.

2) You can then either create a New Team (Provide Name) or overwrite an existing team (Save As).

NOTE: Overwriting an existing team does not update the team in projects where it was used before.

3) Click Save and Submit.
4) External Team Members will be included in a Saved Team as per the existing functionality.

Using an existing Project Team :

1) On the Team members tab of a project, click the Open button.
2) If there are previously defined project teams, you will be presented with a list of teams.

3) Select the appropriate team & click OK to confirm this action.

4) The users defined in the selected team will be imported into the project, along with their roles and functions. If a specific user has already been added to the project, Breeze will ask you to confirm Overwriting their roles, or to Keep their already created roles:

5) If a Saved Team is used to populate the Project Team, All External Team Members will be added as per formal, only if there are enough guest licenses available.  In the event that there are not enough Guest Licenses available, the appropriate error message will be presented and the Saved Team will not be added.
6) The Team Members list will be updated with new members, and their roles.

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